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Future Lab launches a product that took 3 years of research and development to improve the sleep quality of urbanites - TechASleep Sleep Manager

According to American medical 🇺🇸 research, people need to be in a suitable environment to relax and fall asleep 💆🏻‍♂️. The most important elements are sound 🔊, light source 💡 and smell 💭. TechASleep Sleep Manager can effectively satisfy these three elements and solve both light sleep and insomnia.

TechASleep Sleep Manager has three major functions: 12 kinds of natural audio can be adjusted at will, which is easy to relax 💆🏻‍♂️; multiple night light modes can adjust the light source for different sleep states🔦; adjustable fragrance design can be adjusted according to personal preferences Adjust the fragrance concentration, and it comes with 100% pure lavender essential oil🧫, ready to use. USB powered, you can enjoy a good night's sleep anytime, anywhere. 🙆🏻‍♀️


  • 12 Nature Audios for Relaxation
  • Multiple night light modes
  • Innovative diffuser base, adjustable fragrance design
  • Small and light
  • Seven-level volume adjustment
  • Has 3-hour automatic shut-off design
  • One year warranty

Product specifications:

  • Product size: 71 x 96 mm
  • Product weight: 135g±10g
  • Product material: ABS, silicone
  • Power supply mode: USB plug-in
  • Sound source: natural white noise audio, simulated white noise audio

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