GO!TECHS waterproof spray, anti-fouling and anti-mildew essential for rainy season

size: rose flavor
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😂 Actually, falling rain is so scary⁉️
The rainy season is here again🌧️Don’t want your beloved sneakers to get dirty👟This waterproof spray can help you‼ ️

✨GO!TECHS Waterproof Spray✨

✅Waterproof, stain-proof and mildew-proof😍
✅High applicability, does not damage the material👌🏻
✅Patented raw materials imported from Japan🇯🇵🇯🇵
✅Long lasting, a must in rainy season🌧️
✅Passed SGS inspection and does not contain carcinogens👍🏻
✅Exclusive technological formula, non-toxic and odorless‼ ️
✅It only takes 30 seconds to form an excellent protective layer👐🏻

⭐Applicable materials⭐
Waterproof and antifouling of natural leather, synthetic leather, suede, cloth textiles, such as shoes, bags, bags, clothing, etc.

⭐How to use⭐
1. Please shake the bottle up and down before use.
2. Please clean the dirt on the surface of the material and air-dry it, then spray it at a distance of 15~20cm until the surface is moist.
(Spray a small area for about 1 to 3 seconds)
3. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes to completely dry before it can exert its protective effect.

🇹🇼Made in Taiwan🇹🇼
✡️Capacity: 280ml
✡️Ingredients: fluorine resin, solvent, LPG
✡️Raw materials: Japan ✡️Shelf life: 5 years

⚠️Note: Please leave absorbent materials (suede fabrics or wool fabrics) for 15 minutes before use."

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