Green House - Japan Green House Wireless Handy Portable Beer Machine - Black

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A must-have product for parties, gatherings, watching waves, horse races, and playing cards. It has 4 built-in cooling sleeves. You can put the cooling sleeves in the refrigerator and then put them into the beer machine to keep them cold. Through the special internal design, you can easily mix different drinks. One can of 500ml drink or beer can be placed on each side, and the capacity can reach 1L
Through 40,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second, the natural carbonation of beer is converted into ideal micro-foam, achieving a perfect 7:3 ratio. Only 2 2A batteries are needed. You can enjoy it at any time, whether at home or outdoors. The weight is only 2.6 pounds, and it can be enjoyed anywhere. The lightest beer machine, ready to be taken outdoors or used at parties. Easy to maintain, the power part (upper part) can be removed and the nozzle can be completely cleaned.

Power supply: AA alkaline batteries x 2 (sold separately)
Battery life: 30 minutes Dimensions: W120×D73.6×H134.6 (mm)
Approximate weight: 122g Heat-resistant temperature: 60℃
Cooling temperature: -5℃
Material: ABS resin, silicone resin

Precautions for use In rechargeable batteries (nickel-metal hydride batteries), it may be difficult to generate bubbles or bubbles because they do not reach the driving voltage of the internal circuit.
Depending on the shape of the tank, it may be difficult to install. Push it in completely and make sure it cannot fall off before using it.
Since the age of 20, alcohol intake has been sufficient. Just be careful not to drink too much.
Excludes cans of beer and glasses.
Do not disassemble or modify.
Please don't burn, bluff, throw, throw.
Please read the instructions on the packaging carefully before use.
Please read the precautions on the can carefully before use.
Beer and Babao Liquor, as it will be used exclusively for 350ml new cans and 500ml cans, please do not use it with other cans.
Do not spill water on the ultrasonic device or place it on top of water.
The ultrasonic unit cannot be cleaned.
Before use, clean the ultrasonic unit with water or warm water and then wipe it with a soft cloth.
Please ensure that the ultrasound system is installed correctly.
Do not use solvents, strong detergents, dishwasher or dryer or boil.
Please do not use a microwave.
Please leave the beer can set or do not place it in the refrigerator or freezer.
Do not shake or turn cans of beer upside down when placing them.
Dry cell batteries not included.
Please use the designated batteries and remove the batteries when not in use for a long time.
After use, please clean the body from which the ultrasonic unit was removed with water or warm water, and keep away from high temperature and humidity as well as direct sunlight.
Please do not use for commercial purposes.
Company names and product names mentioned are the trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Colors of product images may vary from actual product.
Regarding opening, please be careful not to get hurt, please handle with caution.

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