Hario - V60 02 Glass Brewing Kit (1-4 cups)|With filter paper S-VGBK-02-T

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Simply HARIO, the latest series launched by HARIO at the end of 2020. Presenting coffee with the simplest and most minimalist design, pursuing the most original and authentic feeling, the entire set of pots is fully transparent!

There aren’t too many fancy things and it feels more direct!

  • The set uses a fully transparent glass filter cup and lower pot
  • Set includes 40 sheets of 02 filter paper
  • Tapered spiral design brings out the flavor of coffee
  • SIZE: W146 × D120 × H195 (mm)

- Dripper, Server: Heatproof glass

- Dripper holder: PCT resin

- Measuring spoon: Polypropylene resin

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