Hayaku Flannel 8 Degrees Constant Temperature Electric Blanket♨️|Warm and Comfortable|Original Licensed|One Year Warranty

Sale price$398.00


✅Even heating ✅8 adjustable temperatures ✅Intelligent timing ✅Moisture-proof and mite-removing ✅Skin-friendly material ✅Warm in the heart Night mother is freezing and icy and can't sleep😴? Hayaku flannel 8-degree constant temperature electric heating blanket can help you♨️, 8 adjustable temperatures, 3 timing⏳choices, all-round warmth for your needs, let you feel infinitely warm in ❄️winter days🥰Unique Flannel material, soft touch and fall in love with it💘. This winter, remember to have a comforting electric blanket💕

Do you think electric blankets are needed only in winter? That's wrong! Hayaku electric blanket can also prevent moisture and eliminate mites. Use it once every half a month and you will feel different and comfortable from now on😚
Hayaku, make your life easier 😉

Original licensed product with one-year warranty

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