Hayaku Moon Instant Water Purifier (4L) Instant Hot Water Machine Free Installation Japanese Style Lifestyle Small Appliances

Sale price$1,999.00


No matter at any time, Hayaku Moon can heat you in 3 seconds ♨️, giving you 9 temperatures, 10 capacity options, and 6 modes to meet your daily needs for drinking water at home! Whether it's warm milk🍼/making coffee☕️/making tea🍵/渌cup noodles🍜, it's all there.

Since then, if you want hot water at night, you don’t have to wait any longer 🎉! Perfect for parents to take care of newborn babies👶🏻!

The upgraded version of the filter is also equipped with a third-party certified high-efficiency certification 📜, which can effectively filter harmful substances such as chlorine, lead, chromium, and the filtered water volume is increased by 50%❗️Hayaku, making your life easier😉

✅ Effectively filter harmful substances such as chlorine, lead, chromium, etc.

✅ Ionic resin filter layer, softens water quality, reduces scale and improves taste

✅ Natural coconut shell activated carbon filters harmful substances

✅ Extremely power-saving, saving up to 75% of electricity bills compared to hot water bottles and drinking machines

✅ Instant heating in 3 seconds

✅ Foaming milk and coffee mode with constant temperature and quantitative water output

[Original licensed product with one-year warranty]

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