Hayaku Tornado 🌪 Electric multipurpose cleaning brush

color: bleached color
Equipped with special brush head: No addition
Sale price$199.00


The multi-functional cleaning brush rotates 360° for cleaning🌀It can easily deal with all kinds of stubborn stains☑️The multi-purpose brush has three levels of powerful horsepower🚀You can freely and easily control it⏺️Decontamination capacity 100% MAX Easily clean with 0️⃣difficulty. It is also equipped with a variety of brush heads, allowing you to brush everything anytime, anywhere🔎🪣, bathroom🛁🚽/glass🪞/kitchen🍽️/car🚗/wine glass🍷🍺/milk bottle🍼, etc., and all the details of household chores are handled by Hayaku Tornado electric multi-purpose cleaning brush all in one ❤️

Hayaku, make your life simple

✅360° rotating cleaning
✅1200mah high capacity
✅Three-speed speed adjustment
✅USB charging for wireless use
✅Equipped with a variety of brush heads

The original machine comes with one scouring pad brush head + nylon brush head + sponge brush head each

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