Hayaku Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Auto Turbine

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Hayaku Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Auto Turbine

product introduction

Japan's innovative invention Hayaku Ultrasonic ultrasonic automatic turbine.
Turn any container into a washing machine in 1 second! Smart rotation + ultrasonic technology, remove clothes stains in 30 minutes!
In addition, you can put a zinc plate to speed up the dishwashing and foaming effect, and the cleanliness is up!


  • 30 minutes of intelligent cleaning, automatic power off, safe and reliable
  • Switch the rotation direction forward and reverse every 15 seconds, multi-angle cleaning stains
  • 24W high power speed
  • Four different washing modes can be switched
  • Ultrasonic technology, high-frequency vibration removes deep stains
  • Small size, USB plug design, can be carried on business trips
  • Comes with a strong suction cup to turn different containers into a washing machine
  • Suitable for a small amount of clothes, business trips, camping, small space that cannot fit the washing machine
  • Increase the bubble effect and remove oil stains more effectively

product configuration

Dimensions: 1100mm x 1100mm x 600mm

Power supply method: USB

Input voltage: DC 5V-10W

Rated voltage: DC 10V

Rated power: 24W

Washing capacity: ~1kg

Net weight: 350g

Steps for usage

  1. Press the suction cup on the bottom or inside of the container
  2. Soak light clothing with appropriate amount of water
  3. add detergent
  4. Connect to USB / Plug Power
  5. Select laundry mode
  6. 30 minutes to complete the laundry step, automatic shutdown

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