hopewell - 300 meters super wireless doorbell (plug-in type)|door chime|calling bell|calling bell|safety bell DB-8

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  • Plug-in receiver, plug and play, no need to pull wires/installation/replacement of battery
  • 300 meters (1000 feet) super reception and penetration
  • Independent coding, anti-interference/false alarm
  • 58 ringtones, 5-level volume adjustment, and alarm indicator light
  • Equipped with silent mode - automatic power saving function
  • IP44 splash-proof and dust-proof buttons
  • ABS impact-resistant, flame-retardant housing
  • Learning mode, can freely pair multiple receivers/buttons (can be paired with any DB, DK, MD, MDK models)
  • Usage: doorbell, call bell, elderly/child care bell
  • Receiver voltage: 110 - 220V
  • Button power supply: A23 battery x 1
  • Receiver dimensions: (H) 8.7 x (W) 8 x (D) 6cm
  • Button size: (H) 7.1 x (W) 4.2 x (D) 1.8cm

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