Queen of Housework [Authorized Original Product] - Taiwanese Plant Extract Insect Repellent Floor Cleaner (1,000ml)

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Have you ever found that even if you use a lot of insecticidal water, there are still bugs in every house🏠? After using insecticidal water to eliminate the pests you see on the left, other pests will continue to enter the house👻. Slowly, most of the pests have become resistant! ❎

Yes, insecticidal water is actually toxic to living things☠️, and it has the greatest impact on children, pregnant women, and fur babies😱. Insecticide water cannot completely solve the indoor pollution problem , but it has also seriously affected the health of you and your family. 🫠

acc+ introduced the housekeeping queen 🌿 "Insect Repellent Floor Cleaner" 🧹 from Taiwan. It uses the natural enemies of insects - natural 🌱 plant extracts 🪴 lemon eucalyptus oil and citronella oil. By mopping or wiping 🧼, it can kill mosquitoes 🦟 , fruit rope🪰, ants🐜, bugs🪳 and other insects are automatically removed. Use it to wipe the floor clean✨, and the lemon eucalyptus and lemongrass will immediately help you remove the odor. It will help you decontaminate the house in one go✨, remove bacteria🛡️, repel insects⚔️, and remove odor💫, leaving your house clean and fragrant. 👍🏻!

Produced by a 40-year-old factory in Taiwan, it is the No. 1 insect repellent brand and is popular in Southeast Asia. The entire production process is completed in Taiwan and has passed SGS inspection, and the quality is strictly guaranteed.

acc+ sends the blessings of the world to everyone🌍

✅Made in Taiwan

✅Effective against common pests⚔️

✅Lemon eucalyptus and citronella naturally remove odor💫

Mild and safe, non-irritating, no residual chemical toxicity, safe to use for infants and young children👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🐶🐱

✅Decontamination ✨, sterilization 🛡️, insect repellent ⚔️, and odor removal 💫 in one go, leaving the house clean and fragrant 👍🏻

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