Spot IONION MX ultra-lightweight portable air purifier

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feature of product

  • 20g extremely light weight with no burden
  • Continuously generate 13 million negative ions per second
  • 690,000 negative ions are still retained after moving the airflow
  • Has an exclusive patented ion power board
  • Japan certification, removal of carcinogenic aerosol PM2.5 removal rate of 99.9%
  • SGS certification, removal of deadly pollution poisons, formaldehyde removal rate of 94.6%
  • Measures against air pollution, hay fever, and allergies
  • Ozone-free, consumable-free, ultra-quiet
After wearing the air purifier, the surface of the body is negatively charged; the negative ions emitted by the machine will gather the positively charged pollen, PM2.5, etc. The bullets fall automatically, avoiding the discomfort caused by dirty air entering the respiratory tract

How to use:
- The blue light is ON, and it can also be used in the pocket of the jacket. When putting it in, please put the emission hole upwards
- The ion emission hole needs to be kept clean frequently, please do not put your fingers into the emission hole
-Use the ball on the sling to adjust the length of the line, and the ideal wearing position falls on the second button of the shirt

Product Specifications:
Material: ABS resin
Ion generation method: corona radiation
Dimensions: 65 x 25 x 16mm
Weight: 20g
Power supply: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery (rechargeable with USB connector)
Charging light: the red LED light is on when charging, and the red light will be off when fully charged
Charging time: 3 hours
Continuous use time: 30 hours
Intermittent use time: 4 consecutive days, 8 hours a day
Including: host x1, dedicated USB charging cable x1, rope x1, instruction manual x1
Made in Japan

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