IRIS - PCF-SC15T super all-round silent circulation fan | convection fan | circulation fan

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  • Applicable to 9 ping space
  • Newly equipped with feather-shaped three-dimensional fan blades to create greater air volume
  • Save energy and electricity, reduce home air conditioning bills by 20%
  • Can automatically swing up, down, left, and right to provide air in all directions
  • Special design concentrates powerful vortex airflow, and the air supply distance can reach 25m
  • Ultra-quiet mode, operating volume is only 35dB
  • Child-safe design, fan gap is less than 9mm
  • Wind adjustment: silent, medium, strong, super strong, natural wind
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Equipped with remote control, three-stage timing setting

Six characteristics

  • Multi-angle rotation
  • Timing function
  • remote control
  • natural wind mode
  • silent mode
  • straight air supply

- Air supply distance is about 25m

The spiral air flow sends the air faster and farther, and the air supply distance reaches 25 meters. The upgraded model has a wind speed that is about 20% higher than the old model, and the air supply distance is about 50% higher.

- Move the air throughout the house
Applicable to an area of ​​up to 25 square meters, it effectively circulates the air throughout the house and prevents children from blowing the air conditioner directly.

- Feather three-dimensional fan blades
Expand the surface area of ​​the fan blades to capture more wind

- 5 wind speeds, quiet and comfortable
In low wind mode, the sound is as low as 35 decibels, quiet and soft, allowing you to fall asleep soundly.

- Three-dimensional swinging wide-angle air supply
All-round automatic air supply, equipped with 75-degree up and down and 90-degree left and right swing air supply.

- Suitable for all seasons
Cool in summer, dry in plum rains, airy in spring and autumn, warm in winter
Use it with a heater or air conditioner to save energy
In winter, combined with a heater, the heating can be fully circulated to every corner of the room, allowing you to spend a warm and cold winter! In summer, it can be used together with an air conditioner to fully circulate the cold air evenly. Feel the coolness without having to adjust the air conditioner temperature too low to save energy.

product specifications
  • Size: 21CM×21CM×29CM
  • Product weight: about 2.0kg
  • Air volume adjustment: 5 levels
  • Cord length: about 1.4m
  • Silent motor: below 35dB
  • Air supply distance: about 25 meters

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