KINBATA-Japanese color-absorbing anti-staining anti-mite antibacterial laundry sheet

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Strong color absorption and color lock to prevent staining when washing clothes Helps absorb irritating ingredients in laundry detergent, such as fluorescent agents, phosphorus, etc. Effective in removing mites and antibacterial

1. Put the color absorbing sheet into the washing machine together with the clothes
2. Clean according to normal procedures
3. After washing, take it out and discard it

Dosage reference
1. Slight discoloration/30L water level (2-3 pieces)
2. Moderate discoloration/40L water level (3-4 pieces)
3. Severe discoloration/50L water level (from 6 pieces)

According to the number of clothes, the number of color-absorbing sheets can be increased appropriately

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