Little Black Riding Hood - Quick-acting Cockroach Elimination Cockroach House (12 Packs)

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Title: little black hat
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【Product Introduction】
Use 2 within 50 square feet to effectively eradicate pests and small strong killers.
It is very popular and is used by almost all Japanese households, and the effect is remarkable. There is a cockroach attractant in a small black cap, which has a little caramel smell after opening, which can attract cockroaches and kill them all.
[Capacity] 18 [Applicable Locations] Placed in places where cockroaches often appear, such as kitchens, cabinets, and sinks [Usage Time] Valid within 6 months after opening [Usage Range] Use 2-4 within 5 square meters, 12 at the same time Use better

7 major features, efficient killing of cockroaches, chain effect, fundamentally solve the problem of cockroaches High safety, the medicine is placed in a small cap, no longer worry that people and pets will touch the medicine.
1. Using quick-acting ingredients, the shape of the potion is specially designed so that cockroaches can easily eat it. Cockroaches that have been treated with the drug will die quickly.
2. Effective on cockroach eggs and pregnant female cockroaches.
3. Cockroaches and large cockroaches that are resistant to insecticides can also be killed quickly, and no cockroaches will be spared.
4. It can kill the cockroaches that have eaten the corpses and feces of "medicated cockroaches", so as to eliminate the whole nest of cockroaches.
5. Scientific design, round top cover design, prevents people from coming into contact with medicines, safe and considerate, cockroaches can be easily lured in no matter which direction is placed on the ground. Cockroaches like darkness, and the small black box can attract cockroaches to enter.
6. Opening on three sides, 360° to attract cockroaches, black design, it is difficult for cockroaches to detect when placed in a dark place, and it is easier to kill and faster.
7. Use 12 at the same time, the effect will be better!

1. Carefully separate the 12 insecticides and use them individually.
2. When breaking apart, the round top cover should face upwards. Don’t let the small black box crack, and place it in places where cockroaches love to move, such as kitchens, cabinets, and sinks.
3. Place 2-4 small black boxes in 5 square meters where cockroaches are likely to appear.
4. It is better to use 12 at a time.
5. It can be used for 3-4 months.

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