Wonderhouse Mold Killer (750g)

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Super mildew remover, you won’t be afraid of mold if you have a bottle in your hand

Powerful penetration, thoroughly penetrates into mold roots

Get to the root of mold and help you quickly resolve the hazards

The foaming power is doubled, and mold roots attached to it can be effectively removed on vertical walls.

No need to scrub, 99.9% antibacterial in 5 minutes

After third-party testing, it can effectively reduce black yeast, Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus.

Added unique mildew removal ingredients to effectively decompose mold and restore whiteness and brightness

Scope of application: wall tiles, wall gaps, drainage holes, inner edges of toilets, door and window gaps, silicone joints

It is recommended to let the old mold sit for 30 minutes to achieve better cleaning effect.

Ingredients: sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, surfactant, fragrance

Product properties: alkaline

Validity period: two years

Origin: Taiwan

Net content: 750g

*Please note: This product can only be used alone. Do not mix it with any other products to avoid danger.

*Please read the instructions and precautions carefully before use ※Before use, please confirm that the material where Magic Housekeeping is applied must be made of materials suitable for alkaline detergents

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