Medel TENS Therapy MYO-TENS Muscle Stimulator

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Medel MYO-TENS is a muscle stimulating (EMS) and pain relief (TENS) The palm-sized dual-channel electronic stimulator. by it 14 Programs are divided into TENS (6), Ems (5), Massage (3)

Very easy to use, equipped with 2 independent channels with 4 electrodes to 25 Stimulate large areas or parts of the body at different intensities.

Equipped with flexible electrodes to treat all muscle areas. The large backlit display makes reading simple and easy.

Class IIa medical device.

TENS : Pain relief program is suitable for relieving common pains, such as stress headache, menstrual pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis pain, etc., effectively relieves pain

EMS : Muscle programming can exercise muscles, promote muscle regeneration, and strengthen various muscle parts, such as arms, abdominal muscles, back muscles, neck and shoulder muscles, thigh muscles, etc.

MASSAGE : The massage program can relieve muscle soreness and fatigue, relax tense muscles, a variety of massage modes are available, including kneading, tapping, vibration, pressing, etc.

Independent dual channel output

The screen displays the treatment time and current intensity

There are 4 electrodes in the package.

Maximum frequency: 1-120 Hz

Treatment time: 30 minutes

Power supply 3,0V - 2 batteries 1,5 V AAA

Dimensions 122 x 65 x 20 mm

Medel MYO-TENS is a palmtop dual channel electronic stimulator for muscle stimulation (EMS) and pain relief (TENS). Thanks to its 14 programs divided into Tens (6), Ems (5), Massage (3) it is ideal for both amateur and professionals.

MYO-TENS is very simple to use and is equipped with 2 independent channels to stimulate wide areas or parts of the body with 25 different intensities. MYO-TENS is equipped with flexible electrodes to treat all the muscular areas.The large backlight display makes reading simple and easy.
Class IIa Medical Device.

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