Medex Slimming Back Support (B38)

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Size: Small (24”-32”) / Medium (32”-40”) / Large (40”-48”)"

  • Single cord drawstring design
  • Professionally designed by orthopedic surgeons to slim down your waist and treat low back pain at the same time!
  • Breathable, easy to tighten waist and abdomen, can support and fix lumbar vertebrae
  • The unique drawstring design waistband not only easily adjusts the tightness, but also has 4 major functions:

1. Slim and shape your waist, effectively lose weight

The belt can tighten and compress the abdomen, reduce food intake, and thereby slim down and lose weight.

2. Relieve low back pain and lumbar spine symptoms

Wearing a belt can support and stabilize the lumbar spine, relieve low back pain and prevent strain.

3. Stretching exercises to improve constipation

The drawstring waistband can be used as an abdominal stretching exercise to promote intestinal peristalsis and shape your waist.

*It is recommended to do 100 abdominal stretching exercises in the morning and evening

4. Compress the abdominal cavity and relieve menstrual pain

The belt can fix and tighten the abdominal cavity, relieve intestinal and uterine spasms, and effectively relieve menstrual cramps and abdominal pain.

Applicable: low back pain, sciatica, prevention of waist injuries, weight loss, abdominal pain

Size: S(24”-32”)/M(32”-40”)/L(40”-48”)

  • One hand pull for easy size adjustment
  • String pulling mechanism making it more comfortable to wear with full compliance

Indication: Posture slimming, Back pain relief, sciatic, prevention of back injury

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