Meh Sauce 🦊 Dandan Spicy Sauce

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What ingredients are used to prepare Dandan spicy sauce🌶️! The former post-90s investment banker gave up his annual salary of more than one million to make 👩🏻‍🍳 with great care, insisting on directly collecting the best materials from the top origins, and completing them through multiple processes. The peanuts are roasted in small batches at low temperature and carefully ground 🔥, and repeated Grind several times to make it smooth and smooth. It is paired with Sichuan peppercorns, Kyushu sesame seeds, dried Guizhou chili peppers and family secret ingredients to create a thick but not flashy chili sauce. The two are mixed in perfect proportions👍🏻, the combination is amazing! It’s sure to make you want to know how much you’re eating🤤!

- 100% local original, freshly made in Hong Kong every day🇭🇰

- Ancient family secret recipe, rich in unique flavor👵🏻

- All natural, no preservatives and artificial colors🍏

- Prepared with top-quality Sichuan peppercorns, peanuts, sesame seeds, dried chili peppers and other natural ingredients to restore the authentic Sichuan Dandan noodles flavor👅

- Whether it’s lo mein or rice, it’s all delicious 💥

- The food method is versatile and will shock your taste buds🌞

No matter sweet, sour or spicy, you need all the ingredients🦊!

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