MODERN DECO - Multifunctional LED halo wireless fan MOD10

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  • It can be hung as a chandelier and ceiling fan, or it can be used as a table lamp and fan. It is very practical.
  • The lightweight body only weighs about 640g and can be used mobilely, which is most suitable for outdoor activities.
  • 180° manual adjustment of the upper and lower air supply angles, and the three-stage wind speed can be adjusted according to personal preference
  • Built-in ultra-high power 8000mAh lithium-ion battery, which can also be used as a charger to charge mobile phones
  • Quick charging only takes 5.5 hours, and the usage time can be more than 16 hours (based on the lowest power consumption)
  • Cool white 4500K LED energy-saving lighting halo, equipped with indicator lights to indicate usage and power status
  • The signature body is only 200 x 200 x 239mm, making it easy to carry and place.

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