MOFT - Smart Desk Mat | 4-in-1 Stand Desk Mat | Stand | Storage | Magnetic Suction | Hand Rest | Wrist Cushion | NFC Sensor

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color: black
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  • Essential and efficient equipment for modern work/study
  • Transform a messy desktop into a multifunctional workspace
  • Pair with magnetic accessories to create unlimited experiences
  • Switch between multiple angles at will
  • Built-in NFC sensor to quickly start your productivity
  • Dual-purpose cushion design improves comfort
  • Can be used with Paper Kit/Digital Kit

* Paper Kit/Digital Kit needs to be purchased separately

*Apple Watch stand needs to be purchased separately

product specifications

  • Dimensions: 50.4 × 30 × 0.7 cm
  • Weight: 1577g
  • Materials: Vegan leather, fiberglass, metal panels
  • Color: classic black, Oxford blue, cocoa brown


  • Please note before purchasing that this product package does not include the [Apple Watch Magnet] and must be purchased separately.
  • If the phone itself has MagSafe function (iPhone12 and above), it is recommended to use this product bare or with a magnetic case to achieve the best magnetic effect.
  • If the phone itself does not have the MagSafe function, it must be attached to the back of the phone with a special magnet sheet for the phone, and it can be used with magnetic accessories.
  • It is recommended to stick the special magnet sheet for mobile phones on a smooth and flat surface. It is not recommended to stick it on silicone/rubber/leather/matte surfaces.
  • The special magnetic sheet for mobile phones can be reused. It is recommended to remove it carefully and slowly to avoid wrinkling the edges of the sticker and causing damage.

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