Newedo - Low noise suction hair clipper | Hair clipper | Hair trimmer | Suction type | Waterproof

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  • Powerful, suitable for use by everyone from babies to adults, even small short-haired pets;
  • Dual motor design, two-in-one hair cutting and suctioning, bid farewell to broken and scattered hair, and a comfortable haircut without itchiness;
  • The R-shaped rounded blade design is round and soft, close to the skin, and is not afraid of scratches; the hanging blade is easy to remove;
  • IPX6 waterproof design, the whole machine is washable, making cleaning more convenient;
  • Large-capacity hair storage bin with high-density filter to reduce repeated dumping;
  • Shock-absorbing and noise-reducing, you can get a haircut even when your baby is sleeping.

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