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  • VacOne™️ exclusive patented vacuum extraction technology reduces bitterness and acidity in coffee
  • Compress time to brew a variety of hot/cold coffee
  • A cup of cold brew coffee in 4 minutes, a cup of espresso in 2 minutes
  • A full USB charge can brew up to 150 cups of coffee
  • Can make up to 14 oz (approximately 414ml) coffee servings
  • Recycling metal filters, environmentally friendly and zero consumption
  • Customized grinding scale, suitable for any grinding size
  • The whole machine is washable, making cleaning easier


  • VacOne™ Vacuum Coffee Maker x1​
  • Handmade borosilicate glass bottle x1
  • Metal mesh filter x1
  • USB charging cable x1
  • Coffee measuring spoon (7g) x1
  • Silicone coaster x1
  • Stirring stick x1

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