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Zoey Sleep No.1 3D pressure reducing and anti-snoring pillow , Zoey Sleep posture correction product

  • 3D concave butterfly-shaped design conforms to ergonomic technology and is suitable for both back and side sleeping.
  • Soft memory foam is blended with highly breathable silicone to bring you unimaginable support and comfort. It effectively reduces the pressure on your head and neck.
  • Laboratory tested and proven to effectively relax head and neck muscles
  • More supportive than traditional pillows, it effectively soothes the nerves in your head and neck, helping you fall asleep easily.
  • Concave-convex surface design, comfortable texture, can be used to massage the head and neck muscles to relax
  • Specially designed to help clear the nose, throat and respiratory tract when sleeping on your back, and reduce snoring noises
  • Professional design does not press the ears when sleeping on the side and protects the cervical spine from pressure, making the shoulders, neck and hands less prone to numbness.
  • Comes with a hypoallergenic, antibacterial and highly breathable pillow bag that can be placed in the washing machine for cleaning​
  • SIZE: 29"L x 19"W

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