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It has changed the design of the previous two generations of the series and brought a new cylindrical appearance. The built-in 1.35 liter water tank and the top sink are made of 304 stainless steel to achieve better antibacterial and anti-mildew effects. In addition to three-layer filtration, it also has Adding intelligent pulse water flow can automatically clean the hair floating on the water. It has dual modes of intelligent operation, changing the water output rate according to day and night time. The low-pressure silent water pump used in the third generation is 25% lower in volume than the previous generation. It is equipped with xSecure life support system and is equipped with a backup battery. In the event of a power outage, It can also automatically switch to battery mode when the battery is running, with a battery life of up to seven days. The third-generation fuselage has a built-in low water level safety prompt, which will automatically shut down when there is insufficient water. The water pump in the fuselage adopts a separate design.

Large capacity of 1.35 liters, suitable for both dogs and cats. Dual modes of intelligent operation. Three-layer filtration system with variable frequency day and night. Replacement cycle reminder. Intelligent pulses push floating hair on the drinking tray to the filter element. Ultra-quiet motor reduces noise by 25%. Low-noise water level prompt, automatic when water is insufficient. Built-in backup battery for uninterrupted operation during shutdown. Separate water pump design. Damage can be replaced independently.

The world’s No. 1 smart water dispenser brand in sales. In order to increase the amount of water that cats and paparazzi drink, many owners will choose to buy a pet water dispenser, which attracts babies to drink more water through circulating water flow. The world’s No. 1 smart water dispenser brand in sales. Smart water dispenser brand PETKIT has newly launched the 3rd generation PETKIT EVERSWEET smart water dispenser, which is known as the "drinking artifact for cats and dogs" with a new upgrade!

Living water spring triple filtration creates pure drinking water for pets
PETKIT smart pet water dispenser adopts a unique circulating water flow design. The water in the water storage tank will be filtered through three layers of filters and gush out from the water outlet at the top. The top water tank is tailor-made in response to the different drinking methods of cats and dogs. . Equipped with the new "intelligent pulse water flow", the floating hair on the drinking tray is pushed to the filter element four times a day to keep drinking water clean at all times.

In addition, after the filtered water is temporarily stored in the top water tank, it will flow back into the water storage tank through the three-layer filter element again, and it will be continuously circulated and purified to keep your pet's drinking water fresh. Equipped with a high-efficiency silent water pump and a unique water flow design, the operating volume is below 40 decibels and only the thin sound of running water can be heard.

The intelligent operation sleep-level silent system is equipped with a second-generation low-pressure silent water pump and a Roman column-shaped water flow structure. The operating noise is less than 30 decibels, which is 25% lower than the previous generation.

In smart mode, the water dispenser automatically adjusts the water supply frequency according to day and night, saving electricity and extending the life of the filter. On average, it only consumes one kilowatt hour of electricity every three months, and the filter only needs to be replaced every three months.

Import xSecure life support system to fully protect pet health
PETKIT EVERSWEET is highly designed with pet functions to relieve cervical spine pressure problems. At the same time, the "xSecure life support system" with backup battery and low battery reminder is introduced. It automatically switches to battery mode during power outages and can work for at least seven days.

In addition, the water dispenser adopts an upper and lower separate design to facilitate cleaning and water replacement, and the drinking plate has a spiral lock design to prevent damage by pets.

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