PolyMem Multifunctional Finger/Toe Dressing

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Packing: 1 piece/1 box (6 pieces)

Size: No. 8-12

  • Effective removal of necrotic tissue
  • With automatic cleaning function, there is no need to clean the wound manually
  • Contains glycerin ingredients, it will not stick to the wound when changing
  • Formation of recovery factors and cell regeneration
  • Unique analgesic, swelling and stasis removal functions
  • Reduce excessive growth of granulation and effectively block bacterial invasion
  • Absorbs exudate and locks water, moisturizes wounds and accelerates healing
  • Suitable for: pressure ulcers, burns, surgical wounds, acute trauma, diabetic ulcers, varicose vein ulcers, foot ulcers, skin injuries
  • When used on wounds with little exudate or no exudate discharge, the dressing should be moistened with a little saline to activate the dressing components
  • According to the size of the wound, it can be cut and used. Edging or covering with doctor's tape or waterproof and breathable tape if necessary

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