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The Travel Packer is a cosmetic bag that allows users to freely configure items. It has the best separation and allows travelers to put cosmetics according to different travel needs. The interior of the Travel Packer is composed of detachable Dopp pouches, and the Dopp can be removed and used independently.

Unlike the bulky rigidity of traditional brick-shaped toiletry bags, the Travel Packer features a slim design that makes use of already limited luggage space. Although it is primarily used as a makeup bag, it can also be used to organize any personal items.

The Travel Packer and both Dopp Cubes come with ID tags, so each can be used individually without fear of loss.

Features include:
•Sleek and slim design allows for optimal packaging.
•Multiple hanging positions available in upright, high hanging or low hanging positions.
•Mesh pockets to allow wet items to breathe and dry.
•Two-way zipper for use in different directions.
•Two elastic loops to hold anything in your toothbrush and comb.
•Two removable and leak-proof dopp cubes in different sizes.

Travel organizer height: 11.41 inches / 29 cm Width: 8.26 inches / 21 cm Thickness: 1.57 inches / 4 cm Weight: 490g

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