Trulife Harmony Teardrop - 473

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Trulife 473 Silk Teardrop

  • Versatile teardrop shape can be positioned in multiple directions for optimal fit
  • 35% lighter than traditional silicone breast forms
  • Features a silky-soft, matte skin for superb feel
  • Removable cotton breast form cover included


Symmetrical Teardrop


1 – 14


Shallow to Average

** Please consult with a professional to have these products specified.

** Please specify the size you would like to have in the "Comments About Order" section.

Trulife Harmony Lightweight (Tear Drop Shaped) Silicone Prosthetic Breast-473


Made of high-grade elastic silicon and advanced technology


For long-term use after recovery - its weight, texture and elasticity are very close to natural breasts. It feels natural and adds beauty to the lines. More importantly, it maintains the balance of the body and effectively prevents shoulder tilt.


* Silicone prosthetic milk

*Lightweight silicone prosthetic milk - 30% lighter than ordinary silicone prosthetic milk, feels extra light


drop shape


1 - 14 yards



Notes: 1. The price listed above is for one prosthetic breast. If you need to purchase a pair of prosthetic breasts, please select "Quantity" according to your needs. 2. In order to provide customers with a more comfortable wearing experience, if it is your first time to purchase prosthetic breasts, please contact us first to arrange a fitting. 3. Please leave the required size of prosthetic breast in the "Order Notes".

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