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Product Description

Chuan Yu Shao Zhi's Royal Guard is a health care product that combines technology and is specially designed to improve weight problems. The main ingredient, the Italian patented ingredient GREENSELECT®, is a green tea extract, which is very helpful for weight loss and fat burning. GREENSELECT® contains high-quality tea polyphenols and premium caffeine, which can promote fat oxidation, increase resting metabolic rate and mitochondrial beta-oxidation, and then activate metabolic hormones from the inside to increase fat consumption. Coupled with Phytosome® patented technology, it can increase the body's EGCG absorption rate by more than 2 times, and clinical slimming literature has proven its fat-burning effect. Fat-burning Yushou is a product that can help you suppress appetite and interfere with the growth and growth of fat cells, while reducing fat storage. It is definitely a product that helps you burn fat in all aspects.

  1. Origin of raw materials: Spain
  2. Place of production: Made In Taiwan
  3. Italian patented ingredient GREENSELECT® green tea extract
  4. Decompose fat, promote fat oxidation, increase calorie consumption, and suppress appetite
  5. Phytosome® patented technology increases the body’s EGCG absorption rate by more than 2 times
  6. Interfere with fat cell growth while reducing fat storage


  1. 60 capsules

Product ingredients

    Green Tea Dry Decaffeinated Extract/Phospholipids
    Patented Green Tea Extract Complex 150 mg
  2. Semen Cassiae Extract 100 mg
  3. Green Coffee Extract 80 mg
  4. Garcinia Cambogia Extract Garcinia Cambogia Extract 70 mg
  5. Citrus Extract 20mg
  6. Cultavit® V 200 GF
    Buckwheat seed complex powder V200 GF
    Buckwheat flour (contains vitamin B) 30 mg


  1. Valid for 2 years, please note the best before date.
  2. The color of the packaging may vary, but it does not affect use.

General Distributor

Acc Biotech Limited
Sudong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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