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Product Description

Chuanyu Liangmu's Royal Guard is a health care product that combines technology and is specially designed to improve eye health. The main ingredient is the US patented ingredient OptiLut®, which contains lutein, zeaxanthin and racemic zeaxanthin. Lutein is a perfect antioxidant that protects eyes from free radical damage while maintaining healthy vision. Zeaxanthin helps protect the retina from blue light damage from 3C products, and is particularly effective for people who use computers and mobile phones for long periods of time. Racemic Zeaxanthin is a derivative of zeaxanthin that provides additional eye protection. The most powerful eye protection formula of Bright Eyes' Yushou 2-in-1 can provide comprehensive eye health support, reduce visual fatigue, protect the retina, resist free radical damage, and provide additional protective effects.

  1. Origin of raw materials: United States and Japan
  2. Place of production: Made In Taiwan
  3. U.S. patented ingredient OptiLut®, containing lutein, zeaxanthin and racemic zeaxanthin
  4. Lutein is the perfect antioxidant, protecting eyes from free radical damage
  5. Zeaxanthin protects the retina from blue light damage and is especially effective for people who use computers and mobile phones
  6. Provide comprehensive eye health support


  1. 60 capsules

Product ingredients

  1. OptiLut® Marigold Extract Beadlets 20% Marigold Extract 25 mg
  2. Bilberry Extract 83.3 mg
  3. Streptococcus zooepidemicus contains Sodium Hyaluronate
    Streptococcus epidemic ferment contains sodium hyaluronate 20 mg


  1. Valid for 2 years, please note the best before date.
  2. The color of the packaging may vary, but it does not affect use.

General Distributor

Acc Biotech Limited
Sudong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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