WPC - PATCHED TINY Mini folding umbrella for both rain and shine (801-6423)|WPC|Super lightweight|Shrinkable umbrella|Anti-UV|Anti-UV|Sun protection - Blue

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  • Mini and portable, can be placed in your handbag or trouser pocket
  • Waterproof processing and PU coating processing, shielding from the sun and rain
  • Effective protection against heat
  • UV protection rate reaches 99.9%
  • Light shading rate reaches 99.9%

Parasol folding umbrella for sunny and rainy days, first-class light blocking and UV protection rate of over 99.99%

Looking for a compact bag that can be stored in a compact size

Since it is square, it can be stored without disturbing the outline of the bag.

Since the back of the fabric is coated with polyurethane coating, it has a heat-insulating effect, and the light-shielding rate for all colors is above 99%.

Especially the ultraviolet shielding rate and light shading rate of dark colors reach over 99.99%.

Parasols made of fabric that can withstand the strong sunlight of midsummer.

It's also water-repellent and waterproof, so it can be used even in the rain.

Having an umbrella that can be used in both sunny and rainy days is very useful. It can also be used as a measure to prevent heatstroke in the coming season.

  • Product size: (when unfolded) total length 49cm, diameter 83cm, bone 47cm / (when stored) 6 x 17 x 2.5cm
  • Product weight: about 180g
  • Manufacturing material: 100% polyester fiber, lightweight PU coating, plastic

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