Linoleic acid, most people may not know what kind of ingredient it is, but this ingredient is actually closely related to our health. It must not be underestimated. Today I will share with you the necessity of linoleic acid!

Why is linoleic acid so important?

Essential fatty acids (representing the needs of life) are important components for maintaining human health. Linoleic acid cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be obtained from the outside. It is called "essential fatty acids". At the same time, it contains more than two unsaturated bonds, so Also known as "polyunsaturated fatty acid". And linoleic acid (polyunsaturated fatty acid) is one of the most important, linoleic acid can stabilize the structure of cell membranes and skin. In healthy skin, linoleic acid accounts for about 20% of all fatty acids. When the ratio is lowered, the skin starts to scale, dry out and lose its elasticity. Essential fatty acids cannot be formed by the body or skin, so they must be provided through vegetable oils (such as sunflower oil, thistle oil, or evening primrose oil) or in the form of extracts. When using a cream containing linoleic acid, linoleic acid enters the skin directly, allowing skin tissue to regenerate and maintain normal function.

Main Benefits of Linoleic Acid for Skin

1. End dryness and reduce transepidermal water loss

The outermost stratum corneum of the skin (commonly known as the skin barrier ) is composed of keratinocytes and intercellular lipids, and ceramide is the main element constituting the stratum corneum, with a ratio of up to 50%, and linoleic acid is the content of ceramide One of the important components, accounting for about 14%. Therefore, supplementing linoleic acid can rebuild the skin barrier function. With a good barrier function, the stratum corneum has a better ability to retain water, thereby reducing transepidermal water loss. On the contrary, once the lack of linoleic acid increases the dehydration through the epidermis, not only the skin will be dry and peeling, but the skin tone will also be uneven. Insufficient linoleic acid is more likely to lead to essential fatty acid deficiency (EFAD), which greatly affects the function and appearance of the skin, causing excessive epidermal hyperplasia, or causing dermatitis, nails are also prone to breakage, hair loss is aggravated, and even keratosis of the hair follicles occurs.

  1. Soothe sensitive anti-inflammation

Eicosanoid, a chemical substance in the skin, plays an important role in inflammation and immune response. Eicosanoid is produced by the enzymatic reaction between plant lipoxygenase and linoleic acid, and then produces anti-proliferation effect. Hydroxy fatty acids (HydroxyFattyAcids). Linoleic acid is converted into linolenic acid (GLA), then converted into dihomo-GLA, and finally converted into arachadonic acid (Arachadonic Acid), and both dihomo-GLA and arachidonic acid produce anti-inflammatory substances, so linoleic acid Promotes soothing of inflammation through transformation.

3. Soothes acne

Compared with oleic acid, linoleic acid is a fatty acid that is lacking in acne-prone skin. Topical supplementation with linoleic acid can dilute the sticky sebum and reduce the chance of blockage. In addition, literature has shown that linoleic acid can reduce the size of acne pustules by 25% within one month, and the anti-inflammatory properties of linoleic acid can effectively relieve redness, swelling and large acne.

Since linoleic acid has an irreplaceable role in our body, there should be many such products on the market. However, in fact, linseed oil has special ingredients. It is not easy to make it into health care products and skin care products. It can be eaten There are not many health products that obtain linoleic acid, and skin care products that have the special ingredient of linoleic acid are even rarer, but the appearance of a medical-grade revitalizing oil has brought about a change.

Sanyrene revitalizing oil from France, the product of the French brand Urgo, was founded in 1880. It has a history of more than 140 years of scientific research on wound care and medical supplies. So far, the sales network has reached 50 countries. Urgo’s products are widely accepted by hospitals. and medical institutions. The Sanyrene revitalizing oil has the medical proof of the French GIPPS Study and has excellent clinical performance. The ingredients of this product are all extracted from plants, 99% of high-oxygen fatty acids, including linoleic acid and vitamin E; it is non-medicinal, non-toxic, and paraben-free. Natural ingredients, suitable for all people including children, people with skin problems and long-term bedridden patients.

In terms of efficacy, Sanyrene revitalizing oil has five main functions, the first is to strengthen the skin, the second is to accelerate microvascular circulation, the third is to restore the stratum corneum to lock water, the fourth is anti-aging and the fifth is anti-oxidation. This revitalizing oil station is aimed at dry skin, eczema, housewife's hands, diaper rash, and varicose veins. It can help improve the fragile skin of people with diabetic feet, kidney disease, and electrotherapy, and can also help prevent pressure injuries (pressure sores).

In terms of medical-grade beauty effects, it can soothe mask skin, help treat early (non-purulent) acne and fade acne marks; help skin resist oxidation and anti-aging; help lighten spots; help prevent and lighten fine lines. Because of its comprehensive effects and medical evidence, it has remarkable effects in beauty, and it is no surprise that it is loved by medical staff. It is also used by most medical institutions in Hong Kong, including hospitals. It is definitely a guarantee of confidence!

Sanyrene New Grade Medical Revitalizing Oil

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