acc+光能治療和改善皮膚 ?!

When it comes to light, everyone's first impression must be sunshine! For everyone, sunshine has already become an element of daily existence! But don’t underestimate the light. Apart from being good for plants and the environment, light has many benefits for our own health. Today, let’s take everyone to learn more about this magical element of light!

As early as 3,000 BC, the ancient Egyptians discovered that exposure to the sun was good for the human body. Hippocrates, the father of ancient Greek medicine, used sunlight to treat edema, abdominal and kidney diseases. In 1903, Professor Srebofensen of Denmark used light to treat skin diseases and proved that light had a positive therapeutic effect on biological cells. Not only did he win the Nobel Prize, but since then, many writers have initiated the research on light therapy and advocated the use of light therapy to treat skin diseases. Treats many different conditions, including acne, vitiligo, infant jaundice, wound healing, and rheumatoid arthritis, among others. Light therapy technology has many more benefits. The right wavelength of light can kill harmful bacteria, promote wound healing, increase cellular ATP production, affect mood, reduce pain, improve circulation, and other benefits.

Natural sunlight has red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple balanced and complete wavelengths and energy, which can penetrate the human skin and enter the human body to interact and react with various chemical substances and minerals, assisting the body with essential nutrients The synthesis of substances, as well as the decomposition and excretion of various types of waste. Therefore, sunlight not only has a key influence on plant growth, but also has a considerable decisive effect on human health. So what is its principle and function? Let me briefly introduce to you the benefits of the light elements that make up sunlight to us!

1. Red light

Red is the most penetrating color. The penetration rate of red light to tissues is stronger than that of other wavelengths of color light. Red light can stimulate collagen proliferation, activate fibroblasts, promote blood circulation, anti-inflammation, and accelerate wound healing.

2. Orange light

It can prevent dry skin, increase skin elasticity, stretch wrinkles and stretch marks, delay skin aging and other effects.

3. Yellow light

Effectively repair skin red marks, erythema, relieve redness, pigmentation and other effects, can promote melanin metabolism, brighten skin tone, soothe sensitive skin, improve skin's absorption of skin care products, and promote skin regeneration.

4. Green light

Green light is the most ubiquitous color in nature and is considered a neutral color. It has a balancing and stabilizing effect, and can improve rough skin, wrinkles, blackheads, acne and acne caused by fatigue and mental stress.

5. Blu-ray

Blue light is a calming color and is considered cool. Blue light can inhibit oil secretion, anti-inflammatory and sterilize, eliminate acne bacteria, treat acne and scars, inhibit the growth of contusion bacteria, reduce the secretion of skin sebaceous glands, and improve acne and acne problems.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy System—A Leader in Global Health?

Now that medical beauty technology is becoming more and more developed, light has become a technology for treating and improving the skin, and "phototherapy" is more and more widely used in the medical and beauty industries. However, there are so many phototherapy products on the market, how powerful are these products? how many? Is the output power stable enough? Will it cause burns or irritate the skin when used? If these light sources touch the eyes so closely, will they cause damage to vision without relevant protective measures? No one can assure you. If the time or method of use is improper, it may even lead to adverse results of melanin precipitation! It's terrible!


The brand BIOPTRON phototherapy system from Switzerland inherits the concept of the father of phototherapy. After 30 years of in-depth research on phototherapy, hundreds of clinical tests and large investments, it finally made a revolutionary breakthrough in phototherapy technology and made phototherapy technology a reality. The global leader in health and beauty light therapy instruments, the Swiss-made medical light system has been clinically tested and certified by global patents (quality management ISO 9001/ medical equipment quality management ISO13485 / EU CE0124 / US FDA). BIOPTRON is designed for home, hospital, sports, fitness centers, and therapy clinics. Lightweight yet powerful.

The Brewster lens group of BIOPTRON phototherapy's special multi-level optical system can produce 95% linearly polarized light, and the light waves move in parallel planes. The light waves of Bioptron can penetrate the human body to the most ideal depth of the tissue, stimulating the immune system to achieve Faster and more effective repairing, it is suitable for accelerating healing and relieving pain in various medical conditions. Even private and public hospitals in Hong Kong have adopted this phototherapy system, which is definitely a guarantee of confidence!

In addition, BIOPTRON phototherapy uses a special design to produce sunlight that is beneficial to the human body. Phototherapy provides a wavelength range of 480-3400nm. The spectrum covers colored visible light and some infrared light waves. Different colorful phototherapy wavelengths can be Penetrate deep into the skin to activate cells, accelerate regional blood circulation and stimulate the regeneration process of the whole body, helping the body release its own healing potential. The diameter of BIOPTRON phototherapy is about 5 cm. The colorful light of the BIOPTRON spectrum is 100% safe, does not contain any ultraviolet radiation , and will not cause side effects on the human body. Using non-coherent light, low-intensity light provides consistent and stable phototherapy more gently, at 2.4 J/cm2 joules/square per minute Centimeter (safe phototherapy dosage) brings faster, safer, painless and effective phototherapy effect.

Bioptron Revolutionary Light Therapy

Let everyone try the power of the Swiss BIOPTRON phototherapy technology in acc+!