Formaldehyde is a common indoor harmful gas and a harmful substance of great concern. This gas usually comes from formaldehyde contained in building materials, decoration, furniture and other decoration materials. Long-term exposure to this environment will cause great harm to human health. In Hong Kong, due to high real estate prices, many people live in small apartments, which are often well-decorated and contain higher levels of formaldehyde. Therefore, it is very important to understand how to effectively remove formaldehyde.
In Hong Kong, the main methods for removing formaldehyde are as follows:

1. Ventilation

Ventilation is the most basic method to remove indoor formaldehyde. By opening windows and allowing air circulation, formaldehyde in the indoor air can be emitted and the effect of formaldehyde removal can be achieved. Especially in the first few days after renovation, open more windows to circulate indoor air and evaporate formaldehyde outdoors.

2. Use an air purifier

Air purifiers are one of the effective tools for removing indoor formaldehyde. This device filters indoor air pollutants, including formaldehyde. When using an air purifier, pay attention to the frequency of cleaning and replacing the filter to ensure its effectiveness.

3. Plant absorption

Many plants such as spider plants, ivy, aloe vera, etc. can absorb indoor formaldehyde, which is a natural way to remove formaldehyde. However, when using the plant absorption method, it should be noted that plants have a limited amount of formaldehyde absorption and require certain care such as lighting and watering.

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4. Professional formaldehyde removal company

If the above methods cannot effectively remove indoor formaldehyde, you can consider hiring a professional formaldehyde removal company for treatment. These companies often use specialized chemicals to remove formaldehyde. However, since these chemicals are dangerous to the human body and the environment, corresponding safety operating procedures need to be followed to ensure safe operation. In actual operation, the formaldehyde removal method should be selected according to the indoor formaldehyde concentration, environment and other conditions, and attention should be paid to the safety of the operation. In addition, the indoor air quality after decoration should be tested regularly to ensure safety.

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In Hong Kong, formaldehyde removal has become a very important issue. In order to protect the health of ourselves and our families, we need to take appropriate measures to remove indoor formaldehyde. Indoor formaldehyde can be effectively removed through ventilation, using air purifiers, plant absorption, or hiring a professional formaldehyde removal company. No matter which method is used, attention should be paid to operational safety to ensure human health and environmental safety.