Recently, whether it is TVB's "Looking East and West" 📺 or Youtube channel CHANNEL C📱, they have repeatedly reported on the problem of rats in public places and houses in Hong Kong 🐀. According to the documents of the Legislative Council, the FEHD received 11,102 complaints about rodents in 2021😱, which shows that rodents have become a safety and hygiene problem for Hong Kong people😷.

Rats not only cause damage to our furniture, electrical appliances and food 💢, they are more likely to spread parasitic diseases 🐛, Hantavirus, Salmonella, Leptospira, and even plague and other serious and fatal diseases 🦠. Moreover, rats are vigilant and suspicious🐭, easy to identify traditional mouse traps🔍, and have amazing reproductive ability🧀, general baits have been ineffective and even outdated🕰️. Instead of waiting for the government to deal with it 😮‍💨, it is better for us to save ourselves from rodents 🫵🏻!

acc+ has introduced STORM® one-tablet mouse and mouse bait 👨🏻‍⚕️ produced by BASF 🇩🇪 chemical plant in Germany. BASF has used pharmacological technology 🧫 to develop the latest anticoagulant 🩸 on the market, and its mechanism of action is to destroy The normal circulation of vitamin K in the blood of mice🧬 causes the cells to fail to obtain the energy needed for blood coagulation🩻, which in turn affects the blood coagulation function, causing visceral or subcutaneous hemorrhage and causing death💀. Compared with the rodenticides developed in the early stage, the rodenticide has the characteristics of fast action 🌪️, a single feeding can kill, high safety and no drug resistance ✅, it is your best rodent control solution 👷 🏻‍♂️!

Brand: BASF, Germany

Product Name (Chinese): Yi Ding Mouse® Rat Killing Bait

Product Name (English): STORM® Rodent Bait

Ingredients: Rodent Flocoumafen 0.005% w/w

Hong Kong Pesticide Registration No.: 1P48 TB (0.005) w/w


Model: ingot type / perforated type

Net weight: 3kg

Suggested retail price: $988

✅ One tablet is effective

One tablet has good palatability for mice, and its professional formula can effectively induce mice to eat. After taking one tablet, a lethal dose has been ingested. The mice died after 3-5 days, and no drug resistance problem has been found.

✅ Special shape, attractive target

Different from other rodenticides on the market, One Tablet Mouse is specially shaped with a relatively flat olive shape around it, which simulates the posture of a mouse holding food and increases the willingness to eat.

✅ Moisture-resistant formula, easy to use

The composition of the wax block enables a mouse to maintain its shape and function in a humid environment. It does not need to be peeled or wrapped when used, and it can be directly put into the field, storage and other fields in proportion to the severity of the rodent infestation.

✅ Risk management

One tablet mouse uses bright blue as a warning color and contains bittering ingredients to reduce the risk of accidental ingestion by humans and animals.

🧑🏻‍🌾 How to use it 👩🏻‍🌾

1️⃣ Investigate the situation of rodent infestation

Observe the location of the mouse hole and feeding place, and determine the hiding place and activity route of the mouse through the signs of feces and gnawing;

2️⃣ Set up the bait station

Set up bait stations at rat hole openings, wall holes/openings under doors, sewers and other rat activity paths or haunts;

3️⃣ Casting bait

It can be adjusted flexibly according to the size of the mouse and the population density. According to the general situation, it is recommended:

▶️ (3a) Spindle Type: Outdoor Rat Holes/Ditches

Put 40-60g per hole/point (about 10-15 ingots)

▶️ (3b) Perforated type: Indoor and surrounding environment

To control small mice (such as roof mice), it is recommended to set up a station every 1-2 meters, and put 20g (about 1 piece) at each station; to prevent and control large mice (such as ditch mice), it is recommended to set up a station every 5-10 meters. Put 40-60g (about 2 to 3 pieces) at the station;

4️⃣ Intermittent management

Return to the bait station every 7 days, replenish and replace the bait that has been eaten, and repeat 2-3 times to completely control it. If there is no sign of taking food on the bait, the mouse activity area should be reconfirmed.

🚫 Precautions 🚫

1️⃣ Keep out of reach of children and pets;

2️⃣ Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and open flames;

3️⃣ Keep away from food, feed and drinking water;

4️⃣ Gloves should be worn when casting bait, and hands must be washed after use;

5️⃣ Where the bait block may be dragged by people or animals, it should be set up with a mouse bait box


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