acc+ 生活小知識 究竟人有幾多種壓力?又要如何抒發呢?

【🤫You are under pressure and I am under pressure🤫What are you doing to provoke me】

Editor: Everyone in Hong Kong is under a lot of pressure, really you are under pressure and I am under pressure to provoke me!

So how many kinds of stress do people have?

I first need to know the cause of stress

Much of stress stems from natural reactions to the challenging events in life. Most stress is exacerbated by sleep deprivation.

There are different types of stress

In psychology, common types of stress are:

vicious pressure

Distress is mostly caused by unpleasant experiences, but it can also be caused by some pleasant events, such as the birth of a baby and job promotion. Simply put, malignant stress refers to the physical and psychological reactions that we have when we face changes and fail to adapt, such as the drastic changes brought about by the sudden death of a family member.

good stress

Eustress is the best physical and psychological state when a person faces challenges. As opposed to negative stress, virtuous stress is conducive to personal development and beneficial to personal growth. For example, being appreciated by your boss at work.

acute stress

Acute stress is caused by uncontrollable negative events, and may also be caused by predictable events, such as an upcoming exam. The main characteristic of acute stress is its short-term nature and suddenness. More extreme examples include natural disasters, terrorist attacks and traffic accidents. If left untreated, acute stress can lead to serious psychological illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

chronic stress

Chronic stress is caused by being in a high-pressure environment or state for a long time. Chronic stress continuously increases the secretion of stress-related hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which is harmful to physical and mental health. Common causes of chronic stress include unemployment and long-term financial difficulties.

persistent acute stress

Episodic Acute Stress is the stress that occurs when a person needs to face acute stress for a long time, such as working in a high-risk job for a long time or suffering from a chronic disease.

In fact, to solve stress, you need to increase deep sleep methods

In addition to left exercise/diet can make you train well d, you can also consider products that do not contain western medicine to improve sleep quality

(Picture shows nmn with deep sleeping baby)

It’s not easy to use the wrong sleeping method in the market!

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