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With the popularity of modern building materials and furniture, formaldehyde, a harmful substance, has gradually entered our lives. Not only does it pose a threat to our health, it also affects the quality and value of our home. Therefore, the problem of removing indoor formaldehyde pollution has become a hot topic for contemporary families. In order to help consumers solve this problem, F-Killer formaldehyde killer came into being.

F-Killer Formaldehyde Killer has a German formula that can quickly and effectively remove indoor formaldehyde pollution. It can be used for different occasions such as new home decoration, new furniture purchase, office relocation, odor absorption, new car cleaning, etc. Its products come in various forms, including single bottles, sets, concentrates, etc., which can meet the different needs of consumers. During use, just spray the cleaning agent evenly on the indoor contaminated area and wait for the cleaning agent to evaporate.

The ingredients of F-Killer formaldehyde killer include plant extracts and pure natural ingredients. It is composed of plant protease, photocatalyst (nano titanium dioxide), formaldehyde capture agent, net aldehyde factor, citric acid, and deionized water. The product uses molecular polymerization technology (MPT) and polycondensation. Technology (POT) and slow-release decomposition (SRDN) are three core technologies. The product is sprayed on indoor walls, furniture, and wallpapers, penetrating inward to decompose formaldehyde, and at the same time forming a nano-ion layer on the spray surface to capture and decompose new releases in real time. of formaldehyde. The decomposition process is made safer and more efficient without causing secondary pollution.

Formaldehyde is a common harmful chemical that is often found in newly renovated indoor environments, new furniture and new vehicles. Long-term exposure to high concentrations of formaldehyde may pose a health threat. F-Killer formaldehyde killer is a German formula comprehensive formaldehyde scavenger that can effectively remove harmful formaldehyde.

F-Killer formaldehyde killer has a wide range of applications, including new home decoration, new furniture purchase, office relocation, odor absorption, new car cleaning and other occasions. The method of use is simple and convenient. You only need to spray F-Killer formaldehyde killer into the indoor environment. After waiting for a few minutes, the formaldehyde concentration will be significantly reduced. F-Killer formaldehyde killer can not only remove formaldehyde, but also remove odors and make indoor air fresher.

F-Killer Formaldehyde Killer's unique German formula effectively removes formaldehyde and brings better air quality to the indoor environment. Using F-Killer formaldehyde killer can protect the health of you and your family, allowing you to live a more comfortable life in your new environment.

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