Heal Force Prince 180D Easy ECG Monitor

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Likang electrocardiograph is tailor-made for home ECG waveform monitoring, and its sales volume has been among the best in the industry for many years. It is one of Likang's leading products for home use. Likang ECG has been upgraded with repeated calculations. It has 30-second fast and long-term continuous measurement. The two modes are convenient for users to use at home. After the measurement is over, it can automatically judge arrhythmia. Likang electrocardiograph has been clinically verified for many years, and its quality is reliable and widely recognized by users. The products have passed the certifications of SFDA in China, CE in the European Union, and FDA in the United States, and are exported to many countries at home and abroad.

  • 30 seconds quick measurement
  • Continuous monitoring of high-quality ECG for about 30 hours
  • Professional analysis - refer to the MIT database of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 19 kinds of arrhythmia results
  • Voice prompts
  • Monitor SpO2
  • large screen display

This Easy ECG Monitor is intended for measuring and recording the ECG waveform and average heart rate of adult patient.

applicable for use in clinics and homes, and convenient to operate by the patients themselves.

  • Fast measurement - 30 seconds hand-held measurement
  • Multilead measurement - Can detect I, II, III limb lead or cheese lead ECG
  • Continuous detection mass storage - for 30 hours high-quality EGC waveform
  • Professional Analysis - Refering to MIT-BIH Database in USA MIT, 19 kinds Arrhythmia results
  • Voice Prompt
  • Monitoring SpO2

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