Qianqi - Juicer | Slow grinder | Slow grinder juicer SJ002 [Licensed in Hong Kong]

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  • Residue and juice separation without screen or brush
  • Retain the original fruit juice to extract the fruit essence
  • Metal-free filter, quick wash in 7 seconds
  • Grind slowly at low speed to produce juice with zero residue.
  • Automatic hooking, 50-80 rpm slow speed fresh pressing
  • Reverse rotation function prevents clogging of fruits and vegetables
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to store
  • Portable installation 1-button smart switch

Product specifications Juice cup capacity: 600ml
Maximum feeding diameter: 4cm
Rated power: 150W
Rated voltage: 220V~240V
Net weight: 1.6kg
Gross weight: 1.92kg
Product size: 101(L)×125(W)×359(H)mm
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Speed: 50-80 rpm Juice yield: about 95%

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