Snow Love Water Drop Egg Roll

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fragrant, crispy, crispy

The egg rolls baked in the shape of golden water droplets are crispy, rich in egg fragrance, full of aroma, refreshing and not sweet, and they are full of praise.

Mille-feuille...roll Mille-feuille...roll Mille-feuille...roll

Chefs have tried their best to transform the traditional street food. Taiwanese trendy people must eat the latest water drop egg roll
( egg roll ) . The fragrance is rich and full of aroma, and the extremely crunchy and non-fatty taste is even more amazing

Net weight: 64 grams (8 individual packages)
Note: This is a fragile food. During the transportation process, the product packaging may be incomplete and the product itself may be broken. This is normal and will not affect its taste and quality. Returns due to chipping or incomplete packaging will not be accepted

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