Jiayi - Non-stick and easy-to-clean smart electric frying pan | Non-stick pan | Easy-to-clean wok | Electric cooking pot | Electric hot pot XY-C30A1

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The most important thing for cooking is to have wok gas🍳. With wok gas💨 the food will be more delicious.

I want to eat seafood porridge 🍤 and steam an egg 🥚, but I have trouble washing two woks.

The iron pan at home sticks to the pan after just one frying😠, and it’s hard to wash🤦‍♀️

Kitchen Killer ⚔Don’t dare to use 🔥open fire to cook food, but don’t want to eat takeout🥡

A good helper in the kitchen👍#Japanese Yohome non-stick and easy-to-clean smart electric frying pan

🌞Fireless cooking👌3 seconds quick heat

👆Steam at the top 👇Cook at the bottom 💞 1+1>2 🥂Save worry and effort

  • 1800W electric wok for stir-frying, the firepower is comparable to that of an induction cooker, and the wok is full of gas
  • Electronic touch operation allows you to choose from 6 recipes, adjust the heat in 5 levels, and you can also make regular reservations for soup making, saving you worry and effort.
  • You can cook a table of meals safely without a stove. The non-stick coating of medical stone can be wiped off easily, making kitchen cleaning effortless.
  • 304 stainless steel steamer, transformed into a high-speed steamer, cooking three meals a day

  • Model: XY-C30A1
  • Capacity: 3L
  • Product size: 472mmx260mmx160mm
  • Net weight: about 1.9kg
  • Product material: aluminum, ceramic coated liner
  • Rated voltage frequency: 220V~50Hz
  • Rated current: 8.2A
  • Rated power: 1800W (maximum power)
  • Wire length: about 1.2m
  • Set contents: electric wok, manual, UK power cord, stainless steel steamer, glass lid, a pair of silicone gloves, wooden spatula, lid handle and installation accessories

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