Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Glasses Cleaner Sterilization Anti-epidemic Protective Glasses (20 Pieces) (Parallel Import)

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Applicable to general spectacle lenses (including film, multi-layer lenses, waterproof lenses), mobile phone screens, watch mirrors, camera lenses or mirrors, etc. Origin Japan

Advantages Just gently wipe the fingerprints, oil stains or dirt on the lens, and the lens will return to translucence. The soft material of microfiber will not damage the lens. It will dry quickly after wiping, and there is no need to dry it with a paper towel. Independent packaging, easy to carry

1. Take out the glasses cleaning paper and wipe the glasses lightly
2. Before the glasses cleaning paper is dry, wipe off the lens dirt
3. If there is sand on the lens, please wash it away with water before using this product

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