German Kojie-K2 Follow Me Cordless High Pressure Cleaner [Licensed in Hong Kong]

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No matter where you are, the wireless K2 Follow Me comes with an integrated 36 V lithium-ion battery and keeps running for long periods of time.

Features and Benefits Comprehensive battery removable and collapsible water tank
The concept of Follow Me

Kärcher K2 FOLLOW ME *KAP Cordless Pressure Washer With its powerful 36 V lithium-ion battery and removable foldable water tank, the cordless K 2 Follow Me pressure washer is suitable for a wide range of applications and does not rely on power sources or water pipes Availability of connection or water supply. This means cars, bikes and more can be cleaned anytime and anywhere - whether at home or away. Furthermore, the K 2 Follow Me achieves efficient pressures of up to 50 bar and, combined with its versatile accessories for various applications, provides perfect cleaning results. In addition, the Follow Me concept prevents work interruptions due to unnecessary device relocation. Due to its compact size, the pressure washer is very mobile and can be stored easily.

Features and Benefits Comprehensive Battery Mobile Cleaner. Powerful cleaning performance.
Detachable and collapsible water tanks have no water pipe connections and water supply restrictions. Foldable for easy storage. A complete solution for cleaning without the need for a power or water connection.
The Follow Me concept is mobile and very easy to transport. Prevent work interruptions due to unnecessary equipment relocation.

Equipment  1x speed spray hose  High pressure hose, 3 m, rubber  Removable detergent tank  Elastic storage straps Technical data Electricity supply (volts) (volts): 36
Pressure (bar): 13 - 60
Water flow (liters/hour): 220 - 250
Inlet temperature (degrees Celsius): 40
Net weight (excluding accessories) (kg): 7
Weight including packaging (kg): 8.703
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 408 x 325.5 x 360

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