German Kojie-SC2 Deluxe EasyFix Steam Cleaner

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The entry-level model for chemical-free vapor cleaning: the lightweight SC 2 Deluxe EasyFix with illuminated LED ring to indicate operating mode. Suitable for use on all hard surfaces throughout the home.

Features and Benefits

  • LED light display on the device
  • Floor cleaning setup EasyFix, an elastic joint is installed on the floor nozzle to facilitate the Velcro fixing of the floor cleaning cloth
  • Organized accessory storage and parking location

Kärcher SC 2 DELUXE EASYFIX *SEA Steam Cleaner The new lightweight SC 2 Deluxe EasyFix entry-level steam cleaner offers two levels of steam adjustment to adjust steam intensity to surface and dirt levels. When used thoroughly, this device removes 99.99% of all common household germs from all hard surfaces - completely chemical-free. With the innovative illuminated LED ring on the device, the SC 2 Deluxe EasyFix displays the operating mode at all times. Red shows the unit is still heating, green shows the steam cleaner is ready. The accessories can be stored together - including two extension tubes - in an extra-long accessory bag, or kept on the device itself. The EasyFix flexible joint floor nozzle ensures excellent ergonomics and perfect cleaning results thanks to its lamella technology. Thanks to the convenient Velcro system, the microfiber floor cloth can be quickly and easily attached to the floor nozzle and can be removed again without coming into contact with dust. When the various accessories are used as intended, tiles, hobs, exhaust hoods and even the smallest gaps can be cleaned hygienically. Even stubborn dirt is reliably removed.

Features and Benefits LED light display on device When the LED display lights up red, the device is still heating. When it turns green, the device is ready for use.
Floor Cleaning Setup EasyFix, with an elastic joint on the floor nozzle for easy Velcro fastening of the floor cleaning cloth, thanks to efficient sheet technology for optimal cleaning results on all types of hard floors in your home. No contact with dirt and easy attachment of floor cleaning cloths thanks to the Velcro system .


  • child safety lock
  • safety gate
  • Steam volume adjustment, handheld
  • Integrated funnel
  • Floor cleaning kit, EasyFix + extension tube (2 x 0.5 m)
  • Accessories, hand nozzle, detail nozzle, round brush (small)
  • Accessories bag
  • Microfiber floor wipes, 1 part
  • Microfiber cover for handheld sprinkler head, 1 part
  • Accessories can be stored on the fuselage, and the floor rack can be parked on the fuselage.
  • Steam pipe with attached spray gun, 2 meters

Technical Data Test Certificate* Kills up to 99.999% of coronaviruses and 99.9% of bacteria Area performance per tank of water replenished (m²): 75
Heating output (watts): 1500
Maximum steam pressure (bar): 3.2
Wire length (meter): 4
Heating time (minutes): 6.5
Water tank/kettle capacity (liters): 1
Electricity Supply (Volts) (PH/Volts/Hz): 1 / 220 - 240 / 50 - 60
Net weight (excluding accessories) (kg): 2.68
Weight including packaging (kg): 4.312
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 304 x 231 x 287

*Tested using a Kärcher steam cleaner at maximum steam pressure for 30 seconds to remove 99.999% of enveloped viruses such as coronavirus or influenza (except hepatitis B virus) on direct contact with hard surfaces in the home ( Test strain: modified vaccinia-Ankara virus strain). ** When thoroughly cleaned with a Kärcher steam cleaner and using the maximum steam level (speed 30 cm/s), the germ sterilization rate reaches 99.99% on direct contact with hard, smooth surfaces in general households. (Test bacteria: Enterococcus seais)

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