Righting Qi- Motherwort (10 packs)

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*Promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation

*Beauty and beauty

* Moisturizes the skin

Product Details:
"Fuzheng Qi Motherwort" contains motherwort and collagen, which can help activate blood and regulate menstruation, promote skin metabolism, and fully exert the effects of beautifying, nourishing and moisturizing the skin .

Main ingredients:
Motherwort, Collagen, Glucose

Suggested dosage:
2 times a day, 1 pack each time

Packing Specifications:
10 packs per box, 15 grams per pack

*Use with caution in infants, pregnant women and those who are allergic to mushrooms
*Health care product, not a substitute for doctor's advice
*Natural ingredients – color, texture, flavor may vary slightly from batch to batch
*Keep in a cool dry place

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