Japan Ayumi Laoyou indoor slippers (2503)

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Size: Small (21 - 21.5 cm) / Medium Size (22 - 22.5 cm) / Large size (23-23.5cm) / XL (24-24.5cm) / 3XL (25 - 25.5cm)

Ayumi specializes in developing comfortable, breathable, healthy and fashionable nursing shoes that cater to the needs of people with different foot problems.

  • Lightweight and soft fabric - each shoe weighs only about 150 grams
  • TPR synthetic soles are particularly grippy and prevent water from penetrating
  • Design that won’t trip easily – the toe box is curved and the soles are widened to make your steps more stable
  • Extra large opening for easy wearing - adjust the tightness with Velcro straps and rubber straps
  • Antibacterial, deodorizing processing
  • Can be hand washed or machine washed

**The color of the picture may differ from the actual product.

Size: S (21 - 21.5cm) / M (22 - 22.5cm) / L (23-23.5cm) / LL (24-24.5cm) / 3L (25 - 25.5cm)

Ayumi develops comfortable and stylish footwear to cater to individuals with certain age-related health conditions that affect mobility or who are recovering from surgery.

  • Comfortable (made with soft fabric), light - weighs only about 150 grams per shoe
  • Prevent from slipping on floor - toe warp and soles widen design to make the pace more stable
  • TPU synthetic soles grip is particularly strong, also to prevent water infiltration
  • Wide Open with velcro attachment, easy to take on and off shoes
  • Antimicrobial and deodorant finished
  • Can be washed by hands or washing machine

** The picture may be different from the physical color

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