Japanese IBUKI sound amplifier Personal Sound Amplifier

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The Japanese-made IBUKI "sound amplifier" - provides a convenient communication device for people with mild hearing loss. It is not a hearing aid, so that the elderly with mild hearing loss can hear clearly.

feature of product:

  • This product is not a medical device. It is mainly used to help people with mild hearing loss communicate with others. It can be used for:
    1. Elderly people or those whose hearing has deteriorated but do not need to wear hearing aids can assist in listening during classes or meetings.
    2. Daily use at home makes communication with family members smoother and more harmonious.
    3. It is used by doctors or nurses for consultation or explanation with the elderly or those with hearing loss, so that the doctors or nurses can easily communicate with the patients without speaking loudly.
    4. This product can be prepared at the service or checkout counters of general institutions or stores. If people with hearing loss ask questions or need to serve the elderly, they can hear more clearly.
    5. You can also use it if you are worried about disturbing others when watching TV, movies or listening to music at night!
  • Ultra-lightweight, only 10g, and the size is like an ordinary Bluetooth headset.
  • It is easy to carry, just turn on the switch when you need to use it, and it can be clipped to your pocket or bag.
  • The operation is simple. When you want to use it, just hold and press the button to activate the switch.
  • Super convenient, the charger can charge the earphones and microphone at the same time, and can be used continuously for about 14 hours after charging.

Product specifications:

  • 1 year maintenance period
  • Power supply: rechargeable
  • Dimensions: Microphone (receiver) - (width) 18 cm × (height) 53 cm × (thickness) 10 cm;
  • Headphones (message transceiver) - (width) 51 cm × (height) 18 cm × (thickness) 12 cm
  • Weight: Microphone (receiver) - 11g; Headphones (sending and receiving machine) - 9g
  • Charging time (approximately) Headphones (receiver): 2-4 hours / Microphone (sending and receiving machine): 2 hours
  • ※Can charge headphones and microphone at the same time
  • Continuous use time: about 14 hours
  • Scope of use (approximately) Maximum within 7 meters
  • Accessories: microphone (receiver); headset (sending and receiving machine); charger

IBUKI Personal Sound Amplifier is a hearing device that helps user to listen clearly.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Power supply: 3.75 V lithium polymer rechargeable battery (AC100V battery-powered).
  • Battery life: Continuous use 14 hours (when fully charged)
  • Operating range (approx.) Up to 7 meters * Please use it in without any obstacles along the way.
  • Dimensions: Receiver - (width) 18 mm x (depth) 10 mm x 53 mm; Transmitter - (width) 51 mm x (depth) 12 mm x 18 mm
  • Weight: Receiver - 11 g; Transmitter - 9 g
  • Set contents: Transmitter, receiver and charger, instruction manual

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