Japan KOJIMA Pet Teeth Cleaning Set (Cleaning Pen + Whitening Pen + Scraper)

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pet calculus removal three piece set
・Farewell to calculus, eradicate bad breath, universal for dogs and cats
・Calculus can cause tooth loss, periodontal problems, swollen gums and bad breath
・Helps clean teeth and remove stains
・Effective and gentle tooth cleaning, care for gums
・Continuous use to scrape out big white stone
・Light: 1-2 coats
・Moderate: 3-9 coats
・Heavy: 9-18 applications

Four steps to healthy teeth:
1. Turn the brush to remove the oil
2. Apply to tooth surface
3. Try to control pets not to lick, slowly scrape off with tool program in about 3 minutes
4. After cleaning, use a dental pen to smear on your pet

Contents of the three-piece set:
1. Tooth cleaning pen (5ml)
2. Dental Pen (5ml)
3. Squeegee

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