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Smart hunchback and cold back corrector | Accion SuperBack

SmartBack intelligent posture corrector can help users correct body posture by establishing healthy habits, so as to avoid problems such as back pain, neck pain, cervical tension headache and muscle injury.

SmartBack is equipped with smart sensors that can sense angle and tension. When your posture is not correct, the device will vibrate to remind you to sit up straight or stand up straight.

SmartBack is relatively small in size, can be hidden in clothes, and it will not be found when you take it out on the street.

Over time, it makes it easier to develop better posture for long-term results and trains the body and muscles to maintain correct posture throughout the day.

Product Features

  • VIBRATION REMINDER - Intelligent vibration "reminder" prevents shaking and encourages better posture. When wearing it, just press the button, it will start tracking your bad posture and remind you in time.
  • Angle Sensing - Angle sensor instantly senses changes in body angle
  • Tension Sensing - A tension sensor attached to the belt will instantly detect changes in tension
  • Boosts Confidence - Good posture is what people factor into their first impressions. Proper posture allows you to stand taller and with more advantage. Good, upright posture and gait usually indicate confidence, dependence and a better, more positive attitude.
  • COMFORTABLE ADJUSTABLE STRAPS - Comfortable and breathable fabric, easy to wear by yourself. The straps are adjustable, and the bracket is unisex.
  • Invisible Clothes - The SmartBack is small and allows you to hide it under clothing.
  • PAIN-FREE, COMFORTABLE POSTURE CORRECTION - No discomfort, no forced spinal positions and more bad habits - straight spine, pain-free movement, and confidence when standing.
  • RECHARGEABLE AND LONG LIFE - It can be conveniently charged by USB, charge for two hours, and can be used for 15 days.

Product Specifications:

Color box size: 21.3x15.5x5cm

Product net weight: 85g

Material: ABS+elastic shoulder strap

Outer box specification: 54*45*33cm

Fully charged use time: 15 days

Charging output interface: standard V8 interface

Charging time: 2 hours (about 2 hours)

Built-in battery specification: 500mA/3.7V

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