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Longman Smart Pen 💫

Longman learning pen💫

Pictures and videos: https://bit.ly/longmansmartpen

Longman Smart Pen 🖋️In addition to AI🧠 voice evaluation, scanning, multi-language translation📖, two-way conversation translation and other functions🎓, it also comes preloaded with Longman Contemporary Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary (5th Edition) and designated English Resources such as Disney English Book Series , Mice Readers, Bright Readers, etc.📚 . The learning pen can also be used in conjunction with Pearson's designated physical textbooks/readers (including scanning and point-reading functions) and Longman's interactive English self-study APP🦾, making language learning more lively and interesting👻, and getting twice the result with half the effort🎯.

Longman Smart Pen unique features:

  • Scan and click on Pearson’s designated English resources🇬🇧
  • It can be used with the Longman English Plus app to purchase Pearson English learning resources and perform system updates📲
  • Some Pearson textbooks are built-in, including dictionaries and books, etc.📕. Resources are continuously updated

Other basic packages

  • Real-time AI voice evaluation✅User word pronunciation performance
  • Including Chinese 🇨🇳, English 🇬🇧 , Japanese 🇯🇵, Korean 🇰🇷 and French 🇫🇷
  • Text excerpts and recordings, record at any time, study at any time🌐
  • Collect designated words or phrases to review the past and learn new things at any time🎒

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