Ledao - Ledao Full Effect Shandong Ejiao (180 capsules)

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*Strictly selected high-quality donkey-hide gelatin from Shandong
* Contains donkey-hide gelatin hematopoietic small molecule peptide
* Nourishing yin and blood, warm hands and feet

[Ingredients] Donkey-hide gelatin peptide, natural iron (black fungus extract), beetroot, E460 (thickener), E551 (anti-caking agent), E572 (anti-caking agent) (this product contains additives E460, E551, E572)

[recommended dosage]

Health care: 2 times a day, 3 capsules each time

Deficiency: 2 times a day, 4 capsules each time

[Packing specification] 180 capsules per box, 300 mg per capsule

Babies, pregnant women and those with allergies should take health care products with caution, and do not replace doctor’s orders. Natural ingredients are used – each batch may have slightly different colors, textures, and tastes

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